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7 Best synthesizers for production | 100% of producers use these!

Before I will talk to you about these synthesizers, what are synthesizers? They produce different sounds by using the different knobs. Learning what each knob does is crucial if you want to learn to make your own leads, saws and basses. Each of the synths I will talk in a simple form and expand.  EDM: 1. Spire           This plugin is great if your interested in making trance, the presets are unique and fit trance so well. If you look on third party sites which sell preset banks for spire, you will definitely find many banks for trance and other genres. Plucks and sequencers are unique to this plugin. I also have used this plugin for Psytrance, The bass presets are a go to. Price: $189 USD 2. Serum Serum is a great plugin and has a great option to choose for affordance. This plugin is much more visual, unique and modern. Supersaws sound more modern for this era. Leads are loud and are nice for pop, edm and subgenres of edm. I have seen so many producers use this plugin for supersaws,

Make your kick sounding louder? [Best Methods]

 Here I will talk to you about some ways to improve your skills in production! We will be talking about LOUDER KICKS. (Suitable for beginners and if you need tips) Your kick is one of the most important elements in a track, edm, trap, etc. Open any kick you want, switch to the tab right next to the wrench. This is where your creativity for your kick comes to play! Move that boost knob up to make it louder. The button below (Clip btn) is going to distort your kick if you have it enabled, its up to you if it's a distorted kick, like in lo-fi or want a hard kick in trap. Here is a screenshot of the first method, its as easy as I say!  The second method for your kick getting a good hit is the EQ, it's the most generic option but useful because of frequency control! Lower the frequency, More bass. The higher the frequency, more click or thump you get! All you need to do for this method is, route your sound to the mixer and open the EQ. Adjust the EQ to your liking! The last method I