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How to build around melodies in FL Studio

Making melodies is tough and are hard to make. In this post I will try to help you pass the stress of melodies! Lets get into it. The first thing you have to do is make a simple melody that is catchy and a little ignorant in a good way. Once you have your base foundation of your melody start adding notes on the top of the melody or the bottom. Like this:

Then add base notes. The base notes make the melody feel alive. Make the base notes with no rhythm, just for the foundation of the root notes. Once you got your root notes, start to play with them and make a rhythm. And maybe change the notes in between.


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What to do when you first install FL Studio!

When Fl Studio Opens up, a vst called Fruity Limiter. It is enabled default in your mixer and you should take it off before you make your track. Fruity Limiter is default in your mixer, so you want to take it off. You do this so you can hear the actual loudness of your song to get a better mix. Keeping the limiter on will make it seem that your mix is good. The loudest the master will go is 0db, but without the limiter you see the true loudness and that the track is in the red and above. Many people leave the limiter but you should want a clean mix in the end.

How to make your drop hit harder and bouncy!

Making a drop can be stressful when the drop comes and it doesn't feel like there's any groove. The drop is one of the best parts of a song and what a lot of people love! There are many different ways to make a drop feel great so in this blog post I will show you some ways to make your tracks hit harder on the drops! Here are 3 ways you can improve your drops: The first way is using your bass. Make the bass have a different rhythm than the chords and melody. The second way to make your drop hit harder is stacking layers in the lead where the frequencies are filled in from the high to the low but not where it sounds muddy. The kick and bass fill in the low end mostly. The third way to make your drop hit hard is add effects and fills. Whenever you feel there is emptiness is a certain part of the track add a drum fill or a reverse. Adding fills to a track adds variety.